Climate change is no longer merely matter of numbers from a computer model. With startling swiftness, it is reordering the natural world.
The Monteverde harlequin frog, named after its palette of yellow, red and black,this miniature amphibian -- a member of the genus Atelopus — had thrived in Costa Rican mountains got perhaps a million 
years. Now starting to vanish. Even as frogs vanish the cloud forest, wildlife in cooler places also struggles with climate change. 
The poster feature "வாழ விடு” — a Tamil language phrase, which literally means, “let us live”. I have designed the typeface with contemporary flavour. 
We should step up to save the nature by make ways to reduce the global warming. Time to act and let them live with us.
*My submission for Typography Day 2015
Tharique Azeez - @enathu
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