Words. They unveil a smile or shroud an abyss of sadness. They're the ones you have to utter, be it a heavy storm or innocent sunshine clouded by playful clouds. They are friends, and foes, to whomever, dares to live. 
That's why Tharique Azeez tangled with them, mesmerising computations of the same bare letters everyone sees. He is a typography artist. He creates and builds bridges, between media environments and people, alike. 
Colours and shapes that can convey the unspeakable. Forms that bring into existence the unthinkable. Strokes consolidate the unabridged. He is a visual designer. He conceives beauty from the faintest idea.
When he's not illustrating letters, Tharique spends most of his time exploring and playing with his son Taazaaz.

To see more of Tharique's work, follow him on InstagramTwitter.
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